CNB was founded in 1987, at a 100,000 sqm site which includes 44,000 sqm of covered buildings and 300 metres of waterfront quay space where the water is deep enough to launch yachts and perform first trials. Internationally-recognised for the exceptional quality of its luxury superyachts, CNB has launched over 90 boats - be they sail or motor boats, aluminium or composite - since the company was set up, vessels that now sail the seven seas.

The CNB know-how

Image infusion

For over 25 years, CNB has mastered the art of building superyachts, from the initial design stages through to launching and fine-tuning in the water in front of the shipyard. With its in-company Design Office employing more than 40 people, a loyal and highly-qualified production team, an ultra-modern woodwork shop, assistants who have sailed aboard some of the finest yachts in the world, CNB manages all this know-how with assurance and is exceptionally responsive at all levels. It is our policy to provide reliable technical solutions, while keeping abreast of constant innovation in the sector.

For example, CNB was the precursor in vacuum infusion, a technology used in building all CNB’s boats.

The team


Dieter GUST – Founder and CEO of CNB

Dieter Gust was born in Germany, but moved to the South of France in 1978 where he discovered the joys of sailing. He went on a round-the-world trip before becoming a professional skipper on charter yachts.

When the company in the Vendée (France) which was building his boat went bankrupt, he set up his own company to complete the work himself. In July 1987, together with Olivier Lafourcade and two associates in Bordeaux, he decided to open the CNB shipyard.


Paul RAMPINI – Deputy CEO of CNB dedicated to industry

Ever since he was a kid, Paul Rampini has been mad about the sea, practising various water sports including surfing, windsurfing, and water-skiing, among others. A trained Engineer, he is fascinated by people and materials, as reflected in the varied positions he has held in the industry and in continuous improvement initiatives, having joined Bénéteau Group in 1998.

In 2012, he came to work at the Bordeaux shipyard as Industrial Director with a view to implementing his continuous improvement principles in building yachts in Bordeaux.


Olivier LAFOURCADE – Co-founder of CNB and Director of CNB Yacht Builders

Having grown up on his parents’ yacht, Olivier Lafourcade built his first yacht at the age of 24. It was aboard this 47’ ketch that he set up a charter business. This lasted for eleven years, during which time he sailed more or less twice around the world.

In 1987, he moved to Bordeaux to set up the CNB shipyard with Dieter Gust.
Olivier Lafourcade now manages the one-off activity at the Bordeaux shipyard.


Thomas GAILLY – Sales Director of semi-custom for CNB Yacht Builders

Thomas Gailly was a young boy when he first got into sailing, starting off with his family on sailing dinghies and cruise ships, then taking part in regattas while still a student at business school in France and Australia. He went on to work with two friends from college on an Environmental project, and then spent 14 months touring the world, not on a boat but in a four-wheel drive.

After a spell in Paris working in sustainable development, his love of travel and desire to meet new people caught up with him and he decided to redirect his career toward the world of sailing: He joined Bénéteau Group in 2005, and then CNB in 2007 to manage development of the semi-custom activity at CNB Yacht Builders.